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Support Coordination services are services that assist participants in gaining access to needed programs and State plan services such as medical benefits assistance, social, educational and other services. The Support Coordinator is responsible for developing and maintaining the Individualized Service Plan with the  participant, their family (if applicable), and other team members designated by the participant. The Support Coordinator's role consists of 4 general functions: individual discovery, plan development, coordination of services, and monitoring. 


Read more information in the Supports Program Guide!

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In order to receive services funded through the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities, an individual must:-be 21 years of age or older;-be a legal resident of the United States and a legal resident of New Jersey;-be Medicaid eligible and maintain Medicaid eligibility; and-submit the DDD Eligibility Application and be determined to meet the functional criteria for DDD eligibility (see Division Circular #3 or NJSA 30:6D-25(b) and NJAC 10:46).In general, to receive Division-funded services, individuals must document that they have a chronic physical and/or mental impairment* that:-manifests in the developmental years, before age 22;-is lifelong; and-substantially limits them in at least three of these life activities: self-care; learning; mobility; communication; self-direction; economic self-sufficiency; the ability to live independently*Some conditions that might be considered a developmental disability include an intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, spina bifida, autism, or a neurological impairment.

Caring For Families Social Services will help link the individual to the services needed and assist the individual in identifying service providers as needed. The Support Coordinator also ensures that the services and supports remain within the allotted budget and monitor the delivery of services. In designing the plan, Caring For Families Social Services considers the unique characteristics and needs of the individual as expressed by the individual and others who know the person, such as family, friends, service providers, etc.



Our main goals are to:


  • Recognize and respect rights

  • Encourage independence

  • Recognize and value competence and dignity

  • Respect cultural/religious needs and preferences

  • Promote employment and social inclusion

  • Preserve integrity

  • Support strengths

  • Maintain the quality of life

  • Enhance all domains/areas of development

  • Promote safety and economic security


Caring For Families Social Services provides Support Coordination Services in the following NJ counties:

  • Bergen

  • Camden

  • Essex

  • Hudson

  • Hunterdon

  • Middlesex

  • Morris

  • Somerset

  • Union


Are you ready to partner with Caring For Families Social Services and work together to help your loved one receive all the assistance they need? Simply print and fill out the form below, and send it by mail or e-mail to one of the addresses listed on the form. After a few weeks, DDD will notify Caring For Families Social Services about the new individual assigned to CFFSS. We will call you within 24 hrs of receiving the notification from DD to set up an intake appointment and begin the process.


Select CFFSS as your loved one's Support Coordination Agency

by filling out the Support Coordination Agency Selection Form and submitting it to DDD.


Download the form here!